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When a new company like Wise Banc enters the trading field, it’s critical to take some time to assess it and find out if it’s a big new contender or a scam artist to be avoided. With their presence in the field growing and everyone wondering whether they should be investing with them, we took the time to explore and tell the world what they’re all about.

We always like to start on a positive note when we’re examining companies, and there’s plenty of good things to say about this new player in the trading field. It starts with a clear set of investment options and account types that provide meaningful differences in essential elements like spread.

A Variety of Financial Instruments
The number of trading options is reasonably comprehensive, including commodities, CFD’s, currency pairs, stocks, indices and of course the all-important cryptocurrencies. This last option is one of the most critical offerings they could have available as they are having a noted impact on the financial and economic world. Some of the cryptocurrencies they offer are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin traded against EUR, AUD, and USD.

Accounts Available for Islamic Clients
One of the major issues that most investment platforms have is little to no support for Muslim investors, leaving out an essential partner in trading. Wise Banc has solved this issue by ensuring there is support for investors from this part of the world.

Robust Levels of Leverage
Leverage may be a topic that is controversial in trading, but it’s inseparable from the Forex trading process. While there is a higher risk associated with higher leverage trades, there is also the opportunity for more significant gains, making the high leverage levels offered by Wise Banc a great selling point for this company.

Attractive Sign On Bonus
Wise Banc also offers an incredible sign-on offer for new clients, matching up to $250 of new customers deposits to help give them an early boost in their investment game. Additional offers are available for those who are signing on at higher levels of membership, allowing serious investors to make the most of their investment dollar.

One Drawback: No MT4 Platform
MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading platform in the Forex World, and therein comes one of the only drawbacks to working with Wise Banc. Wise Banc only offers its services via a trading platform that is web-based, and some users have found it too simplistic. For our purposes we found it to be a straight-forward and streamlined approach to the trading process that we appreciated.

Wise Banc is a great new addition to the forex trading world, bringing in options for trading high fixed spreads on multiple web platforms, and CFD’s. While there is, of course, some uncertainty with a player so new to the field that’s a period that all companies go through. Wise Banc is making a great presence by providing great options, significant leverage spreads, and the opportunity for clients from all over the world to get involved.