debt free

From time to time I visit a website called Money Saving Expert. I used to spend loads of time on it; in fact I used to write a popular diary on the forum there – check it out if you want to; I am the Firewalker (don’t ask).

Today, I went on this site and on the front forum page was a thread about life after debt. This, and of course the Altucher daily practice of listing stuff, made me think about what being debt free means to me.

Being debt free means that I can:

  1. Go to the florist and buy flowers.
  2. Book tickets to the theatre/concert without thinking that maybe it would have been better to throw the money on the debt.
  3. Take my PhD students for coffee and pay for it – after all, I still remember how broke I was.
  4. Stop worrying about my son going hungry. It was never a real danger but what we worry about and what is real are very different things.
  5. Stop having nightmares about living in a novel by Dickens; particularly not Little Dorit.
  6. Live my future rather than only dream about it.
  7. Give to charity; and I can gift aid the donations so the government matches them.
  8. Have a choice whether to spend or not; not spending feels so much better.
  9. Buy books, and read them, without guilt and regret.
  10. Go to bed and fall asleep without medication.
  11. Wake up without butterflies of tension in my belly.

There are probably more things I could come up with but these seem the most important to me.

Now, let me tell you about the wonderful week I had!

Last Monday, PT Money published my guest post on investing and women. I just shouted my conviction that INVESTING WOMEN ROCK and that more women should start investing. There are good reasons why we are good at it and if we manage to overcome our hesitation, dream up a worthy dream and educate ourselves we can make a killing. I have not decided yet but it seems to me that The Money Principle may have a role to play in all that.

Then on Wednesday, Jean Chatzky Blog published a guest post of mine stating the working hard is for losers; anyone who wants to get ahead should start working really smart. How? By moving away from selling time and building, and selling, reputation. If you are curious just go and check it out: it is one of my better blogs.

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Altogether a great week.

How was your week?