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“Yes, I’m a very savvy shopper” – my running partner said. “I always buy my winter running gear in spring.”

At the time, I thought that this is cumbersome and even slightly petty. How much can you save by doing this and you’d always end up with last season’s look.

Thinking back it makes good sense. We all know that some things a cheaper at certain time of the year and if we manage to take advantage of that we could save some serious £££s.

Still, if I were to ask you what is cheaper and when, would you be able to tell me?

I thought so. I won’t be able to either.

Okay, I may be able to figure out that it may be cheaper to buy a second hand car before Christmas (everyone need cash, you see) but this is about it.

And I want to be a savvy shopper and save £££s by using the fluctuating prices of different goods throughout the year.

Now I can. Because the good people from MyVoucherCodes.co.uk supported some serious research to create the Buying Guide Calendar you can find further down.

Who would have guessed that coffee machines and kitchen appliances are cheapest in winter?

Or that if you need building work done, you should do it in December because the builders are cheapest.

On the other hand, I would expect that gym membership is cheapest in February (all these New Year resolution people who drop out within six to eight weeks) and that booking a package holiday is cheapest in May.

Oh, and just because I feel like saying it: I was right that buying a car is cheaper in December.

Have a look! It may be even worth it printing the infographic out and keep it as a reference: after all who doesn’t want to become a savvy shopper? I know I do.

Seasonal Buying Calendar – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCodes

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