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annual review

Have you made your resolutions for the New Year yet?

Yes, I know that these have a very tarnished reputation. I also know that sometimes New Year’s resolutions work: my resolutions from December 2009 all came good for me.

There are rules to this game; if you are in the process of deciding on some resolutions for the year ahead forget all the fodder about SMART goals: this is how highly paid Business School consultants get gullible executives to pay them a lot of money. You don’t need this.

What you need is to read this article on how to ensure lasting change (for the better) during the next twelve months. In my opinion, Bill Carmody has suggested one of the two sensible approaches to resolutions.

Another one – the one that I’ve practiced for four years now – is about coming up with two words that will channel your effort and frame your achievement over the next year. This approach was pioneered and promoted by Chris Guellebeau.

This is the one that I use as part of my annual review.

Coming up with your words for the year is not like making resolutions. There are no ‘should’ and goals; there are no objectives that give you tunnel vision so that you see the road but completely ignore the beauty of the journey.

The words for the year are like a compass: these only state the direction you wish your life to take over the year. Getting there is a matter of ‘planning backwards

After some soul searching, I’ve decided on my words for 2016. These are

“Write and Run”

‘But you already write.’ – you may be thinking.

Yes, I surely do.

But you see, there is a small difference I intend to introduce.

“Until now writing has been part of my job; over the next year I’ll make it my work.”

As to running, there isn’t much to say. There is still a long distance runner screaming to be let out inside me. In 2016, I’ll let it out again.

This is it; my annual review is complete. Now I’m off to do some un-orthodox planning.

What do you wish to focus on during the New Year?

photo credit: Typewriter Keys via photopin (license)