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This is What The Money Principle is About

I am Maria Nedeva, the founder of The Money Principle and if you have ever asked yourself…

Make Money

How can I make more money without killing myself?


Control Spending

How can I control my spending without feeling deprived?


How can I pay off my debt super fast and make it fun?

Plan the future

How can I become better at achieving my dreams?

  Or if you ever needed someone to make you think,  
laugh and make personal finance serious fun…
You are at the RIGHT place.

My Money Success Story

I’m a Business School professor; I have a PhD; I teach students about innovation, policy and creativity and talk to Prime Ministers about how best to spend the science budget of their countries.
Smart, right?

I also had a consumer debt of £100,000 (approx. $160,000) at the end of 2009. So, you see, smart people can do really stupid things sometimes.
We paid off our consumer debt – yes, all of it and with interest – in three years and by February 2013 we were debt free. Here is our debt paying story if you are interested. Paying off so much debt so fast needed research, education, ingenuity, hard work, experimentation, good fortune and even better friends. It needed sense of humour and the ability to continue enjoying life – just in different ways!

Once the debt was paid off we were left with the habits of sound money management and a penchant for making money. Using these we flipped out finances.

In six years we went from £100,000 worth of debt to £150,000 in new investments.
Our new money adventure is to have £2.5 million (approx. $4 million), or equivalent, by October 2018.

Yes, I know my numbers sound outlandish. You’ll just have to remember that in 1990 I arrived in the UK with exactly $20 in my pocket; I kid you not.
On The Money Principle you’ll find all I’ve learned, and worked out, about money: making money, controlling money, paying off debt and investing. This is my gift to you and my dearest wish is that you take it and use it. Only you can put in the effort to learn and act to improve your money situation.

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Maria Nedeva

Maria Nedeva


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