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plutus awards

Have you ever lusted after something with the hunger of affirmed identity?

Have you ever thought that one more article will make you a writer? Or that one more business competition will make you belong in the world of business?

Then you know.

You know exactly how I feel about the Plutus Awards.

I have convinced myself that winning a Plutus will mean that I am finally a blogger.

You think this is dumb?

Well, maybe it is. But you see, in my book, you ‘arrive’ when others think you worthy.

Have I told you the story about the captain? No? Well, here it is.

A guy comes back from his ship, runs to his mum and says:

‘Mum, I’m a captain!’

‘Son, you’ve always been a captain for me.’ – his mum replied – ‘But what do the other captains say?’

You see, I never doubt I am a Professor: eight professors from around the world and at the top of their game told my university that I am.

Blogging is another matter. I’ve convinced myself that winning a Plutus Award is the way the ‘captains speak’ in the personal finance word. After all, it is the award that recognises excellence in personal finance.

Last year I came close: The Money Principle was shortlisted in two categories. Still I didn’t win.

This year I’ve decided to try again: I am competing in the Best International Blog category.

Can I count on your vote?

Vote for The Money Principle (Best International Blog) by following this link.
You can also be a STAR and slick on the Plutus Awards badge on the right.

Now, I have some splendid news.

Yesterday, August 15th, was my name-day. This is important in the Eastern Orthodox tradition: on our name day we keep an open house, have big parties and get presents.

I missed the party and the celebration was in an ice-cream bar.

I did have a great present though: Aldemore Bank made me one of their ten personal finance super-heroes. Look at this:


And my super-hero name ROCKS!

Have a great weekend and speak soon.