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lose weight

Are you fed up with people telling you how much weight they’ll lose and how much money they’ll make?

So am I.

As much as I think it really sucks to tell people such stuff in January, I just have to do it.

Look at this picture.

It is me with a long dead dude called Samuel von Pufendorf. He was a German jurist, political philosopher and economist in the 17th century.

This is not why I insisted on having my picture taken with him.

It was because I can’t resist a man with a wild wig and a lot of make-up. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

This picture misfired. All I see is how rotund (really dislike the word ‘fat’) I’ve become and how much I need to lose weight.

It looks like the time for action has really come.

I’ve booked my sessions with my trainer for the year ahead; I’ve set the alarm for 6am tomorrow so that I take Suzi for a runnette (this is a shortish run) before I go to work; and I damn well intend to stop eating chocolate, sugary stuff and copious amounts of bread.

All that is needed is something to keep me on the ‘straight and narrow’ when I lose weight.

So here it is – ten reminders to motivate me to lose weight.

I have to lose weight because I:

#1. Find it embarrassing to be out of breath when simply walking fast for a while.

#2. Hate finding it hard to tie my own shoelaces. And no, I won’t wear shoes with Velcro fastening or slip-ons. There are standards to maintain.

#3. Hotels are saving space and some bathrooms are rather small; it’s really not a good idea to grow so rotund that I can’t fit in the shower. (Well, this happened once couple of years ago but it wasn’t me – my son who is skinny and was 12 at the time had a problem taking a shower as well).

#4. Don’t want to outgrow my friend’s toilet – it is really tiny and the only one in her apartment. It would be rather inconvenient if I were not able to fit in.

#5. Can’t fit in the running clothes in which I ran five marathons and have been reduced to run in new, large yoga trousers.

#6. Can’t recognise my reflection when I catch it in a shop window.

#7. Really want to run some more marathons and even an ultra-marathon. If I don’t do something about my weight there is very slim chance of doing that; or at least doing it without getting hurt.

#8. Can’t wear the clothes I like.

#9. It doesn’t look right. Yes, I can’t see a reason why I woman over 50 shouldn’t aim to look good.

#10. Being rotund is bad for business. While I look like this, there is no chance in hell I’ll be able to get into the ‘fat-farms’ business (and this is one of the businesses that you have to be a real klutz to fail).

I don’t even wish to mention the health benefits of getting rid of the rotundness around my waist.

Now, I’ll be off to print these out to motivate me when I feel tempted to raid the chocolate biscuits or to have another piece of toast with jam.

I’d appreciate some support in that. Do you have any tips for me?