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Grow Income. Eliminate Debt.

Build Wealth. Love Your Life.

I’m Maria, a Business School professor and the founder of this site. I created The Money Principle to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to leave your money trouble behind and build your wealth.

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Grow Income. Eliminate Debt.

Build Wealth. Love Your Life.

I’m Maria, a Business School professor and the founder of this site. I created The Money Principle to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to leave your money trouble behind and build your wealth.

Four Pillars of the Game of Wealth

Since you are reading this, it is safe to assume you wish to win the Game of Wealth. This game has four pillars:

Make money

Would you like to increase your income? Follow these easy to implement ideas and watch your income grow.

Control spending

How much money you keep matters more than how much you make: our tried and tested money management approach.

Get out of debt

Do you have the debt-busting lust? Here is the secret to paying off debt fast and staying debt free forever.

Invest for the future

Savvy, non-traditional investing is the key to your future financial security and to having income in old age.

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The Money Principle

All you need is a Plan.

To help you through the overwhelming archive and to make it easier for you to use The Money Principle with ease and to advantage, I’ve compiled this guide.

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Want to leave your financial troubles behind? Learn more about

Financial health

financial health

Living wealthy is not just about money; it is about the harmony between what you believe in, what you have in your life and how you feel about it.

Generating income

generating income

Learn how to generate income, and develop different income streams, so you have security in a world of uncertainty.

Money management

money management

Control money, don’t let money control you.

Paying off debt

Having debt is the number one personal finance problem. We can help you solve it and pay off your debt in record time.

Investing for all

Investing is no longer exclusive, technical and boring. It is for people like you and me. This is how to invest with confidence and make it fun.

Personal finance wisdom

personal finance

Here is something for the heart and mind.

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What people say about us

J. Money

Maria is one of my favourite debt killers on the ‘net. I love how raw she is, and that she’s not afraid to share her mistakes just as much as her wins! One of the best personal finance blogs in Europe.
– Budgets Are Sexy –

Miss Thrifty

The Money Principle is a chocolate box of a blog: not only is there something for everyone but, once you start dipping in, it’s difficult to stop.
– Miss Thrifty Blog –


I realised about three years ago that the only way forward, and prevent us going bankrupt, is for me to take total control of my own and the business spending. I started reading several blogs including The Money Principle. I took control and in March 2016 I became debt free. Many of the blogs I followed were no longer relevant.
The one blog that I still follow, as it is the most relevant to my situation, is The Money Principle. I look forward to those e mails and have found some excellent advice there.
I can only thank Maria Nedeva for the work that she does and hope that she continues.
– TMP Community Reader –

Tom Church

Maria’s money advice is unrivalled. She says what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. A distinctive voice in a cluttered space, her words are timeless and mandatory reading.
– Tom Church Blog –

Charles Silberman

This is the most common sense and thorough way to get out of debt I have read, and I have read many. Thank you.
– TMP Community Reader –

The Four Pillars of the Game of Wealth...

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