Why wait on Facebook when we can deal directly


As a blogger I’ve made my readers a simple promise: to help you win the Game of Wealth by sharing strategies for building wealth.

The Money Principle is a platform for people like you, people looking to increase their income, spend less, pay off debt and invest.

To reach some of you, we’ve been using The Money Principle Facebook page.

Until about six weeks ago, an average of 70 people saw the posts announced on the Facebook page; then this number sharply dropped to under 30. Now only about 18-20 people see each of the posts announced.

At first I thought it is me; I thought that suddenly I’ve lost my touch and started publishing about things about which my Facebook followers care very little.

Then I found out that according to AdAge, Facebook said:

“We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time…”

And a Facebook spokesperson said:

“…the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”

This means you may not receive my content anymore via the Facebook page because it doesn’t make sense for me to pay Facebook to send you my free articles on different strategies to increase your wealth, including earning more, spending less, paying off your debt and investing for the future.

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14 thoughts on “Why wait on Facebook when we can deal directly”

  1. Yes, I think a lot of us are seeing this. I have noticed that when I have a post that is popular elsewhere, e.g. the post I wrote about how to always get money off at Debenhams, a few weeks before Christmas, it still got a lot of exposure on Facebook. But I think a lot of that was from people visiting the post and then sharing it via FB, rather than seeing the link to the post on the FB page and liking that. A pretty mean ploy by Facebook, and one that I hope will change…

    1. @Miss Thrifty: Some posts still get loads of exposure; but relative to what they used to get there is certainly a decline. From what I’m reading it is unlikely for this to change back…

    1. @Daisy: Thanks for the support Daisy. I feel that more and more blogs will have to make a choice on this one. Or keep the FB page and just maintain the minimum for ‘just in case’.

  2. Ha! I just started on Facebook a little while ago. Haven’t spent a whole lot of time promoting it, but then again, maybe it’s better I dedicate my time and promotional efforts elsewhere. Thanks for this.

    1. @Anthony: You are very welcome, Anthony. I intend to keep it going but with very little effort – there is no way I’m paying FB to promote my free content. It may make sense for more traditional businesses.

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