Why print audits are useful for businesses big or small

There is a common misconception among business owners that an assessment of costs and outgoings for an organisation’s print infrastructure is something only big companies require – wrong. In fact it is important for any business to establish actual usage levels for their print devices to ensure they do not overspend and waste precious resource in this turbulent economic climate that we find ourselves in.

Every business is different in its approach towards printing and dealing with the varying types of documentation users and customers require. For instance, a small office containing just four or five people printing mostly black and white documents is unlikely to require the same print infrastructure as a busy office with 100+ employees with multiple workgroups.

However, it is equally important to manage consumables and the impact businesses have on the wider environment.

A full print audit and consultation will be able to quantify a business’s costs, consider improvements and amendments to the print infrastructure and match day-to-day requirements to an optimal solution. A print audit can throw up a number of issues that require attention. For example, a business may currently opt for single-user printers that are both wasteful and inefficient. By replacing a single-user printer with a more flexible, multifunctional device it is possible to reduce a business’s monthly outgoings on print, by improving functionality, speed and overall print quality.

It doesn’t matter how big or small a business is for cost savings to make a positive difference to a business’s balance sheet. Further cost savings may be obtainable by simply introducing print quotas to print devices, with user rules to ensure employees can only print a certain number of pages across a set timeframe.

Throughout the print audit process it is possible for consultants to significantly improve productivity whilst simultaneously saving money. By simply installing faster, multifunctional devices it is possible to produce larger, quicker print volumes and eliminate manual processes that were previously time-consuming and a drain on resource.

For a clearer picture on the difference between print capabilities that are currently used and actually required conduct a print audit sooner rather than later.

Author bio: ‘Why print audits are extremely useful for businesses big or small’ was written by First Choice Business Systems, one of the leading experts in providing top quality print solutions for office and print production environments. With a combined 130 years’ experience in print, businesses can make the most of their expert advice and service.

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