2 thoughts on “Why my first budget was a complete disaster?”

  1. When I became a carer, our family income halved over-night. The main area of fear was the mortgage, we felt vulnerable and set a budget that had the aim of securing our home ie paying off the mortgage asap. The budget was an eye-opener. On two salaries, I felt safe and believed we were well-off. In reality, we were covering our out-goings and spending all the remainder. On one salary, with our new budget, we are in a much better situation financially as our mortgage is going down and our net wealth is going up, good news. However, do I feel deprived and that my life is restricted – yes. I used to love travelling abroad and my holidays. I yearn to travel and I’m afraid a weekend in a tent won’t cut it for me. So it is a choice of security versus travel and security is winning at the moment but at times it feels as if it is at the expense of of my soul.

    Eta: I first saw the Alhambra 30 years ago and I can still see it in my minds eye, awe inspiring.

    1. Anne, this is the point – even when people can stay within the budget it can feel restrictive; in fact it can really hurt. I have come to realise that budgets are not much use for me (background of hedonistic abandonment, remember) but budgeting is. This is another post, though – budget as a ‘thing’ and budgeting as awareness and generally staying awake in the presence of money.

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