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This week I’m bringing to your attention five great articles I spotted. The narrative that brings these articles together – and makes the ‘top money tips’ goes like this:

Anyone who wants to win the Game of Wealth needs to learn many little (and bigger) tricks that make money go further. One such trick is cleaning your shoes and generally looking after them properly.

Another thing you need to win is an understanding of key points about money: about making it, controlling it, spending it, saving it, investing it and enjoying it. But understanding is not enough; you also need to take a position and act on the knowledge and understanding. This is how, a personal finance manifesto comes handy (and you’ll need you own).

Writer…Oh well, I’m allowed some fun on my blog after all. And long dead, smart French and German guys are my fun of choice (purely intellectually, of course).

It is very likely that the most money in your life will flow from your labour. We work (sell labour) we get paid. With the changes of the economy away from corporate capitalism to the network economy the labour market is a noisy place. Question is how do you stand out? Do you wait to be found or you make sure that you are being sought. I know what my answer is!

Industries are changing very rapidly and to stay ‘in business’ you have to be ready to change.

This is it! Now the five top money tips posts:

1)      Save money by making your shoes last: a very helpful article by Marie on Prairie Eco-Thrifter. This article not only tells us that cleaning shoes is important (not a trivial matter today when we throw them away before we have to clean them); it also tells us how to do it properly. And so much more.

2)      Len Penzo shares his Personal Finance Manifesto: thirty eight points to the point. My favourites are number eight and number twenty.

3)      In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: okay, it is a random collection of thoughts post, I give you that. I still loved the randomness and there was “method in the madness”. Probably it was the stuff about Flaubert (the dead French dude who wrote Madame Bovary) that got me: I knew he pretended to suffer a lot when writing and spread the myth that he edited a lot (neither was the case, now we know). I didn’t know he slept seven hour and for that he has my respect. Madame Bovary is still one of the most annoying books (and characters) around – although he wrote some great staff; just that his most famous book is not that great.

4)      Being found vs. being sought: this is vintage Seth Godin. This post is 107 words (yeah, I counted them ‘cause I’m that sad) and says so much. Most of us spend our effort on ensuring that we are found: we learn about SEO, key words, put our names on jobs databases and make it know we are open for business. This is nice! But it is so much better to focus on building the reputation needed so that you are sought!

5)      How to cope when you are in a dying industry: this post on Penelope Trunk kept me absolutely enthralled. It is the story of a mugging; not an ordinary one but one where the victims were willing to offer something of value and the thief didn’t grasp the need to change: after all who carries a lot of cash around today. Read it; you’d like it.

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Big thank you to all who included our posts.

This is all for now, my friends. Have a great week and will speak soon.