Top Errors People Make When Looking For Car Insurance

With so many insurance companies out there all claiming to offer you the best deal, trying to find the best car insurance can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With the financial climate fragile and bitter, we all want to find the least expensive car insurance we can; particularly when you consider that the average car insurance premium in the UK is at a record high of £971.

Finding the cheapest and best car insurance to cater for your own individual needs and requirements is not as straightforward as perceived, however. There are several common mistakes people make when searching for and purchasing car insurance – and here are just a few of them:

Ignoring current news

Reading about different components and trends in the constantly evolving world of car insurance through insurance news can significantly increase your chances of securing the best deal.  Many people choose to ignore this simple task, as well as ignoring the reputation of different insurers when deciding who to obtain their cover with.

Whilst the market may be flooded with insurers offering deals that seem too good to be true, it is important that you are able to identify when this is actually the case. Checking your chosen insurer’s track record to see how they shape up is a great way to ensure you spend your money wisely.

By checking the reputation and feedback an insurance company has built up, you will gain a better idea about the sincerity of the organisation and whether they are likely to be difficult to deal with should you need to make a claim. Taking the time to check customer review websites and information about scams from a respected source may help you save time and money several months down the line.

Staying loyal

One common mistake people make when buying car insurance is not shopping around and committing themselves to a car insurance deal with their old insurer. When it comes to comparison sites, the internet has a wealth of places that are there to be used to your advantage and it is often incredibly beneficial to switch insurers come renewal time.

Taking half an hour out of your busy day to check out such sites and shop around for the best car insurance deal will inevitably mean you save yourself some money. In fact, not carrying out adequate research prior to committing yourself to taking out a year’s policy is the biggest error people commonly make when it comes to buying car insurance and millions of pounds are wasted on automatic car renewals in the UK each year.

Misleading your car insurance provider

With the race to get the least expensive car insurance possible, it is not uncommon to tell a few ‘porkies’ in order to pick up the best deal. However, misleading your car insurance company about important aspects that could affect your policy, such as previous convictions and points on your licence, could result in your policy becoming invalidated. This would mean you are driving without sufficient cover, a criminal offence, and could result in much higher costs in the future.

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