Three things I’ll not give up

Awareness of matters financial, particularly if there is the realisation of trouble as well, often comes with a drive to reduce expenditure.  What people normally cancel are what they consider to be ‘luxuries’ – keeping fit, attending courses and doing things that are not for utility but only pleasure fit the bill. I am not going to bore you by stating that we all have different ‘luxuries’; this is pretty obvious. What I am going to say is that everyone should keep at least three ‘luxuries’ – one from each group – irrespective of how serious things may be financially.

The three things I never gave up are: my gym membership, running races and learning new things. There is one mega reason for that: I am my biggest asset and these are my three ways to look after it. But let me go into a bit more detail.

Gym membership

Our life style has become very sedentary – we drive instead of walking or cycling; we have washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and ready meals. I have made important changes in that I started cycling to work (had to up my life insurance though), I walk places and no ready meal has passed the threshold of my house for about a year and a half. As to the rest – yes, I have all time and effort saving gizmos. Apart from that my work is sedentary – mostly sitting in front of a computer screen, or pieces of paper. Working out in the gym keeps me fit – physically and mentally. That also means that I feel better and can be more productive.

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