The Money Principle Store Cupboard: three things we learnt

Once Elaine’s articles were in, and true to my promise that on this blog I will publish only practical suggestion I have already experimented with, we decided to ‘jump in’ with the masters of organisation and create our own store cupboard. We had to deal with three issues which very likely some of you are puzzling over as well. These were the issues of space, of construction and of content.

Space for our store cupboard

Like many readers our first reaction to creating a store cupboard was that we don’t have the space. OK, we do live in a large house (another story, this one) but large houses, just like smaller ones, run out of space – the difference is in the absolute amount of stuff people accumulate and keep. Looking around we could not immediately see where to build the store cupboard – there was no readily available wall and no pantry that can be used.

To identify space for building a store cupboard one has to think outside what is already there and be prepared to change their arrangements – like most things store cupboards don’t ‘slot in’ but need different ways of organising.

In our case, this meant that a wall cupboard of limited usefulness – it was too small for most things and too large for others – had to be take down; after that we had a wonderful wall calling for  some shelving.

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How to create a store cupboard that works for you, your family and your lifestyle?