Leah Totton’s success story: from Apprentice winner to skin care magnate

The cosmetic and Botox business has been flourishing for years and more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to capitalise on the booming industry.

Not many can boast to be as successful though as young entrepreneur Leah Totton: this business savvy GP from North Ireland went from hopeful candidate-then-winner on famous tv show The Apprentice in 2013 to co-owner of a successful chain of skin care clinics, Dr Leah Clinic.

It all started in 2013 for Leah Totton, after winning the £250,000 cash prize on Lord Sugar’s TV show The Apprentice. After a controversial win for some - she was one of the most disliked candidates ever on the show, she went on to open a first skin care clinic in London in 2014 with business partner Lord Sugar. Despite her constructed character on the show, this brilliant lady finished top of her class in medical school and has been exemplary following-up the end of The Apprentice, showing consistent business acumen and trying to set up both ethical and professional high standards for the skincare industry.

It was recently revealed at the start of the year that Dr Leah Clinic generated as astonishing €1m in sales overall in 2016. This exceeded all financial targets and Totton revealed Continue reading ››

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