Why I Hope We Continue to Worry About the Stock Market for a Millennium

worry about the stock market Do you worry about the stock market?

You do? Good!

Because, as I told my students yesterday, to worry about the stock market means that there is nothing more serious going on in the world.

I do worry about the stock market a lot as well.

My concern is not because of an abstract ‘loss aversion’ though I have this as much as any person. Okay, I have it as much as any monkey as well (apparently, monkeys suffer from loss aversion as well).

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Don’t Kid Yourself: Political Choices Matter and Things Don’t Always Go Back to Normal

“After the elections things will be back to normal, regardless of whoever wins. Politics is a dirty game and the masses behave just like them.”

This is what we want to believe when politics goes really wrong.

This is what some said about Brexit. When I was terrified by the messages that the Brexit campaign sent to ordinary people, some of my friends on both sides of the debates were saying that after the referendum things will go back to normal.

Guess what? Things didn’t go back to normal. If anything, our society and economy seem to be on a downward spiral; and the really bad stuff hasn’t even started yet. Jobs are being lost, whole industries are talking about leaving Britain and the pound…well, it is so much down that I don’t even want to go there.

In a word, we messed up big time in Britain. And just to make my position clear, the worst part is not that we would likely be leaving the EU. While this is bad enough, the real danger comes from the messages that unprincipled politicians unleashed as part of their twisted political game (worse than Game of Thrones and this is a fragment of an overactive and perverse imagination.)

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