When Buying a Timeshare is Worth It: BuyaTimeshare.com Review

“John, shall we buy an apartment in the Algarve?”

“Why? Would you want to go there all the time?”

May be not all the time. Still, I love the Algarve and wouldn’t mind going there some times. Particularly now that our dream to build a house in the high mountains of Bulgarian is obviously not happening.

Before we go any further, I need to explain something about this one. Dreams don’t happen for many reasons and one that pops up often is that people don’t have money to make them reality. In my case, it is more about the conclusion that it would be very hard for me to spend in Bulgaria long periods of time (don’t ask) and that it would be hard to justify building a house that will be empty most of the time.

And this is the problem just there: on the one hand, I’ll be happy to have a holiday place; a place with sun, snow and fun. On the other hand, buying a holiday apartment or a house is a great responsibility I don’t wish to take on; also I refuse to continue building a property portfolio that is under-used and takes away money that can otherwise go into my investment accounts.

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Money Life LIVE to Educate, Inform and Inspire

money life live Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Adam Piplica who is a financial planning professional, the guy behind the Magical Penny and the organiser of Money Life LIVE: a personal finance event with a big heart where I’ll be talking this coming Saturday. Money Life Live will take place in York. Okay, now I’d rather let Adam tell you more about it.

As a reader of this blog, you know its founder, Maria achieved something incredible. She and her partner John paid off a debt of £100,000 in three years. This achievement was made possible through directing a good income towards debt pay off and finding and increasing the margin between that good income and living expenses. Such margin can make anyone’s financial goals achievable in less time than you might think. But although the process might sound easy, keeping it up can be the hardest part.

New Year, New You?

It’s the start of a New Year and many are using the turning of the calendar to make New Year resolutions and plans for 2017 and beyond. Planning and making resolutions are a bit like babies. They are fun to make but more of a handful and annoyance to keep! (so I’m told!).

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