Nigerians use investing opportunities in Britain

investing opportunities

For many Nigerian businessmen, the UK economy is an extremely attractive market to invest in. This is apparent with the surge of investors taking advantage of investing opportunities in recent years. Many successful businessman from as far away as Lagos to Kano, are now investing in the UK economy to obtain UK residency.

Very recently, a Nigerian resident I know, became one such investor within the UK economy and added to the growing number of investment entrepreneurs obtaining residency in Britain. This particular investment happened very quickly, which highlighted just how alluring the current British economy is at present for potential financiers looking for citizenship.

Within just seven days, a solar apparatus leasing firm, will become the receiver of an impressive £200,000 investment boost because of an initial introduction by InvestUK. Subsequently, the firm Project Solar might possibly obtain extra expert direction from our client, who is qualified with a marketing degree obtained from the University of Lagos and has also been connected to a host of relevant companies and business niches.

Our client, a Nigerian resident, already had many UK entry visas but through her investment, she, her husband and their small children will now anticipate Tier I business status in the UK.

The allure of a low risk investment with long lasting profit, and net worth of over a million pounds was reason enough for the investment deal to be equally helpful for both parties involved. Regarding the investment itself, it was organised so it would host the yielding possessions managed by the financier. Many investors use this method as it is an exceptionally useful means for foreign financiers to back UK issues to the advantage of the British economy. In return, such investors will bring with them a plethora of skill sets and business acumen that Britain will find invaluable.

With the example of the the firm Project Solar this rapid profit on the individual’s investment through a Nigerian investor to the benefit of the UK economy was one example of many such deals regularly secured each day.  Overall, the joint admiration and confidence amongst Nigeria and the UK is as strong as ever and can be equally valuable for InvestUK, if they can find the correct investment stage for individuals looking at supporting UK activities.

But Nigeria investment in the British economy has also been mirrored in other areas of the globe. Whilst on my travels I will be swapping the beautiful city of Lagos for the far off reaches of China and Russia with the aim of securing quick investment in the British economy.

The investing relationship between Nigeria and Britain continues to go from strength to strength. Nigerian businessmen (and women) are invaluable to the British economy as they bring with them business acumen and skillsets that many UK companies look for when recruiting. In return, many new UK businesses receive investment from Nigerian entrepreneurs who get the right to live and do business in the UK.

Editor’s note: This post was written on behalf of Invest UK, providing a range of entrepreneurial investment and business solutions to international entrepreneurs and investors who are already residing in, or seeking to reside, in the UK.

photo credit: ota_photos via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Nigerians use investing opportunities in Britain”

  1. In the US, there are so many foreign investors that it is barely news. The only time it comes up is when a particular country such as China is buying a US (public) company. There are many Chinese individuals who buy real estate in the US all the time.

    1. @Krant: Well, here in Europe we still notice these things. Particularly when the tabloid press is talking all the time about emigration in very negative terms – including emigration from countries that are EU members.

  2. Maybe I woke up this morning in a bad mood so apologise if I am complaining, but do we really need more investors from abroad? I can’t even afford to buy a house on my street and will possibly be stuck renting forever as it seems all nearby properties are bought up by foreign Russians, Nigerians, Chinese etc who don’t even live there. While I have nothing against foreign investors pouring in their cash into the UK (it clearly does boost our economy overall), I, a middle class regular business man feel just the negatives personally… The rich get richer as their portfolios grow, and the poor do ok as the government has more money for scroungers… The middle class lose out overall from foreign investment.

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