6 thoughts on “Money Principle wealth chat: wealth in the UK”

  1. It’s a scary thought when you are worth more dead than alive 🙂

    In comparison with the nation, we are just below the average on total wealth – 50% is property wealth, 45% is pension / life assurance and 5% is cash. So yes asset rich and cash poor describes us perfectly. We couldn’t afford to sell our house and buy it back which seems to be a ridiculous position to be in.

    It looks like we will fall below average in our 50s-60s unless we address our savings and boost our pensions. We also need to address our cash situation.

    Great post Maria. Have you seen “Penn’s Parade” ? This is a diagrammatic representation of wealth in the UK. Try Googling it, if not, I think I have a link somewhere.

  2. Quite right! I have been looking at our life insurance and wondering one, whether we are over insured and two, whether I am geeting this ‘life thing’ wrong. As I have said before life is to be lived and enjoed not to be survived.

    For the time being keeping the insurance but when wealth building is at certain level I will need to revisit.

    I had a rather big shock with these numbers – will write about this one in a follow up.

  3. I am not worth much dead or alive! I took one look at that chart and I AM DOOMED to poverty according to that!! Just as well I am not too bothered about national wealth charts, more interested in getting to a state of having enough for what I want to do, and making that money in the way I want to do it.

    1. Helen, I would say (or repeat but this only means that it is important) that the absolute amout is not that important; more important is the distribution of wealth – one very clear issue is that we don’t have liquid wealth.

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