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It is time to catch up on our news, friends.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working very hard to make The Money Principle a fun and helpful reference for many things money. I’ve initiated you in the mystical formula to work out whether you are ready to retire affectionately known as ‘f*ck that index’; I’ve introduced you the five ways to make your money work for you; and wet your lust to improve your credit score.

Making The Money Principle a resource for all who want to achieve financial health doesn’t mean that our personal relationship has to suffer. This is why it’s time to catch up.

I’ll start first by telling you my news; and while some have financial implications they are not straight forward ‘money news.

Let me start by explaining the title of this post.

For about a month now, John has been calling me ‘Professor Squared’. Yep, this is what I have to put up with – my family pulling my leg because…

…well, because I really became a ‘double professor’.

On the one hand, I’m still Professor at my university. On the other, I’ve been appointed as Visiting Professor in Research Policy at a Swedish university. My new appointment is for three years and comes with a proportion of the pay of a Swedish professor (after all, I can’t have two jobs, right?). Thing is that having a fractional appointment in Sweden is a bit like eating celery – by the time I’ve paid tax, I’m barely left with enough money to cover my visits.

I’m still very happy about it. Being a Visiting Professor of Research Policy at this Swedish University is not a gig, it is an opportunity. Now, I’m busy planning and making sure that it won’t be a lost opportunity.

There is another development that keeps me excited: from July 2017 I’ll be starting an eighteen months long sabbatical. This is another opportunity I’ll have to make sure I don’t mess up. Can you imagine – a year and a half on full pay and two international research projects? And the freedom to do anything I decide will be most beneficial for where I wish to be in five years’ time.

So, here is the thing. People ask me what I am going to do. There are some decision to be made but I intend to use this time to write two books: one would be academic and one will be on personal finance.

What do you think? Should I add a historical novel to the mix?

My next news is that after a long time of indecision, destiny took charge and, as I jokingly say, I’ve become a ‘podcast legend’. Okay, not a legend yet but since early January I’ve been interviewed on two podcasts: you can listen to the interview with Shareradio.com and my interview on Informed Choice Radio.

What I say about my radio appearances is that ‘I don’t sound as a complete half-wit’. What people who know me and have listen to the podcasts say is: ‘All the time I was listening, I imagined the faces you’d make when talking.’

Correct me if I’m wrong but this tells me that radio may not be my medium. And since at the last FinCon I stalked all talks about video I’ve decided that it is time to move into this a bit more. You see, it is not a matter of looking good (the thing that has been stopping me); it is a matter of making all I want to tell you about making, managing and investing money a bit easier to access. Watch this space!

Next, I’ve firmly got back to running. In fact, I’ve been joking with my blogger-friends in the US that I’ve started a movement – no flabby Brits at the FinCon in October. This is not it though. One day in late December I just got fed up with feeling sluggish and aching the wrong way. I closed my book, got off the sofa and went to the gym. Have been running for seven weeks now and feeling so much better for it. I may run a marathon again, inshallah.

This is it for now, I suppose.

What’s up with you, friends? Care to share your news?