How to Choose Boiler Insurance

boiler How to Choose Boiler Insurance

It’s all well and good investing in a new boiler that will not only help towards better energy efficiency but also help to reduce your monthly heating bill, but if you don’t keep it maintained and serviced, its longevity and efficency won’t be as good as it could be. New boilers aren’t cheap and there’s little point investing in one if you’re not going to ensure its upkeep.

Of course, an annual service and maintenance during the year cost, and if it breaks down, that can be costly too. This is where boiler cover comes in and with plenty of boiler insurance information available online, you can ensure you make an informed decision on which price plan to choose. With plenty of options from British Gas, varying in cover to suit all budgets, you can guarantee there’s a plan to suit your needs and your bank balance, while also gaining the peace of mind that your boiler needs are covered, whatever the circumstances.

You could opt for:

  • Boiler and controls breakdown (£4p/m) which provides cover for repairs, parts and labour should your boiler or its controls fail.
  • Central heating breakdown (£6p/m) which also covers repairs to your central heating system as well as the boiler and controls cover.
  • Homecare100 (£9p/m) includes an annual boiler service on top of any repairs it may need should it break down.
  • Homecare200 (£11p/m) is the same as Homecare100, except includes repairs to your central heating system too.
  • Homecare300 (£13.49p/m) provides cover for your plumbing and drains as well, so that if anything should go wrong with your pipes, you’re covered.
  • Homecare400 (£15.98p/m) is the full monty. Boiler repairs, an annual boiler service, your central heating, your pipes and your home electrics will all be looked after with this monthly bundle.

Ranging from £4 to £15.98 a month, there is a cover package to suit everyone’s pocket. Don’t just upgrade your boiler system; make sure it’s looked after during its lifetime, too.

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