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Writing for blogs and websites

My writing builds on my experience as a scholar with considerable research experience and serious publications record  and is an unique blend of erudition, research, analysis and storytelling. The following articles on The Money Principle are examples of my analysis and writing competence:

Money for all seasons

About the importance of spotting opportunities and acting on them

About net worth, value and structure

Writing and editing website pages

Often, fundamentally interesting, useful and profitable websites fail to achieve their promise because of badly written key pages; like their ‘about’ page or the essence of their ‘value proposition’.

My strengths as a thinker, researcher and writer (with specialisation on the web) comes handy in re-writing this pages. Editing is naturally done in close co-operation with the site owner.

Speaking and tailor made courses

I have a long and varied experience in public speaking, and designing and running short executive courses.

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