What did you do for #GivingTuesday?

You know what?

I gave Black Friday a miss: it isn’t that big in the UK but I would have missed it anyway.

Yesterday I briefly considered buying some stuff for my sons on the Internet; than remembered it is Cyber Monday and decided that shopping can wait. What’s so important about it anyway.

This morning I woke up, gave thanks for all I value in my life, got up and powered my computer. I went to


and contributed to Christian Hannah’s Handicap Van Fund.

Because it is #GivingTuesday!

Meet Christian Hannah


Christian is a fourteen years old boy; he has cerebral palsy. He needs a lot of care: he need feeding, dressing and he can’t get around on his own. He’s been growing up and he weight around 30 kg.

Christian needs to go to different appointments often and his mum is starting to find him heavy to carry into their car.

There is a solution: to get a van with disabled access so that Christian’s whole wheelchair can go it. But Christian’s family can’t afford to buy one.

So, I joined a group of bloggers to contribute to Christian’s fund.

You don’t have to. But if you’d like to know what it feels like to take part in a movement of generosity and support please go to


and have a look. You may decide to change someone’s life!

3 thoughts on “What did you do for #GivingTuesday?”

    1. @Krant: Very happy to hear it, Krant.I was just reading that ‘food banks’ are well used where we live; John and I are donating before Christmas as well.

  1. Once I got to know about the giving tuesday, I gave my old clothes, some food to street children. I never step back in this kind of giving things. Not only yesterday, I always give things as like helping people.

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