Fancy a Luxury Spa Day Worth £130?


It is yours for the taking.

I have a voucher for a Luxury Spa Day at a Marriott Hotel for Two which promises delights that will send the Winter gloom away.

I am giving it away!

But I love all my readers and preferential treatment is not my style.

So, here is how this is going to work.

To enter The Money Principle competition for the irresistible day of pampering – and you can take a partner – you have to:

Answer four easy questions; and

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The competition will be open till midnight on Friday, 31 January.

On Saturday (1 February) a competition committee consisting of John and me will select the winner; this will be done randomly.

We will announce the winner of the grand prize the same evening and send her/him an electronic voucher for the Spa Day. This should be used by 30 April 2014.

The Questions

Please leave a comment with the answer to these four questions:

Q1: Where are you in the Game of Wealth?

  1. Paying off debt
  2. Saving
  3. Investing
  4. Building pension(s)
  5. Other….(please tell us what)

(You can give more than one answer and replying by using a reference to the question (Q1) and the number(s) of your answer is okay)

Q2: Are you:

  1. Working full time;
  2. Working part-time;
  3. Self-employed;
  4. Studying (full or part-time)
  5. Out of work
  6. Retired

Q3: What do you love about The Money Principle?


Q4: What would you like to see on The Money Principle?


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Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Fancy a Luxury Spa Day Worth £130?”

  1. What a great comp!
    Q1. I’m paying off debt at the moment. Nothing major, just a student overdraft. My partner and I have managed to clear £3100 between us in a year and only have £500 to go. We are living on one salary while he does further training so we’re pretty happy with the progress. Can’t wait to start saving aggressively!

    Q2. I am working full time but my partner is still in full time education. While this gives us 25% off our council tax, living on one (frankly, mediocre) wage can be testing. Thankfully we do not have expensive tastes.

    Q3. I visit TMP every day at work – I love the proactive, no nonsense and positive attitude to paying off debt and building wealth. Although the amounts referred to are hugely out of my league I can still relate it to my own finances.

    Q4. I’d like to see more about ethical investing, as this is something I’m interested to get into in the future. I’d also like to see more personal posts about your lives in general and how money is managed day to day.


  2. Q1: Building a pension, or at least trying! The golden rule being your age divided by 2 as a percentage of your gross salary, missed out on a final salary pension!

    Q2: Working full time but would love to go part time, maybe once the mortgage is paid off that will become a reality!

    Q3: It’s not always about complete frugality, such as the post on buying a car which condoned a new car if the maths make sense!

    Q4: I’d like to see more reader case studies with advice, they do these on Mr Money Moustache and they always provide excellent reading, perhaps a UK based version of these would be something novel!


  3. Hi – I am lucky not to have major debts such as mortgage and car loan but I am about to take on debt some to improve my house – my financial state is about getting a grip and re-focussing onto saving and planning. Pension – always assumed my scheme was rock solid but it is in trouble….we will have to pay more in for sure.

    I am also lucky to have a full time job, but in the public sector, so pay is effectively going down each year…so that needs some thinking about.

    The Money Principle, apart from being a good read, speaks to readers as a friend, always provokes thought and encourages a can-do attitude!

    What would I like more of? Stories are always good and ways to take a view on finances.

  4. Q1 and Q2 I am currently in debt at the moment and out of work.
    Q3 I like the way The Money Principle looks at the bigger picture. It’s not just about finding ways to save pennies here and there but finding new ways to generate money. I find Maria quite an inspirational person. I like the fact that she likes a good hair cut and is an ultra runner. I think to myself: if Maria is making bread rolls, then maybe I should be too.
    Q4 I would be interested in how you plan to fund retirement.

  5. 1. 5. paying off mortgage -all the rest are in hand!

    2. Self employed – building a business and a brand

    3. “It makes my head hurt and my wallet sing” ROLF

    4. Stories on the “how to” of you building your businesses with the downloadable tools (like your budget planner)

  6. I love the spa!!!! OMG, I would k–l to win that coupon!
    1.REached our retirement goals.
    2.I work all the time 🙂 I need to cut back.
    3. I love Maria and her humor and intelligence.
    4. I like personal stories

  7. Please leave a comment with the answer to these four questions:

    Q1: Where are you in the Game of Wealth?

    I will be debt free on the 1st February 2014, and I am about to start building up an emergency savings fund, before I progress on to investing. I have quite a good company pension.

    Q2: Are you
    1. Working part time.

    Q3: What do you love about The Money Principle?

    I love your passion for your subject and the way that you set objectives and achieve them, despite the obstacles that you have faced along the way. I love the personal anecdotes that you include that give us a peep into your life, which is varied and interesting.

    Q4: What would you like to see on The Money Principle?

    I noticed that you had lost your work/life balance at the end of last year, after having achieved a long term goal, and that your health was suffering. I love the fact that you are honest about these things, it makes your blog so real. It would be really interesting to see how you get this balance back, because I am sure you will. Juggling all the balls that life throws at us is something that I have never quite mastered, so any tips would be gratefully received.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

  8. Q1 – paying off debts, recession causing a salary crash with a young child; and ongoing story!
    Q2 – working part-time but wanting to add studying to that soon
    Q3 – I love your honesty, that you can make me smile, or get cross, or think I love that, and give me more education on all things money. The site appeals to both head & heart, as well as my wallet.
    Q4 – How about some interviews, stories, of those who “inspire” ? But truly I love the site as it.

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