Essential information to be placed on business cards

When you are thinking about getting business cards made, you should not think of your business card like a website; information should be kept to a minimum. A standard business card says a few words about who you are and the service you offer. There should be a way of getting in touch with you such as an email address or a phone number, and website links that will tell the person more about what you do.

The design of your business card never fails to make an impact on people. If you choose a unique and interesting design, it may mean the difference between the card getting lost down the back of a sofa, and the person making sure that they keep your business card safely. If you have an eye catching design the recipient will remember you all the more because of it.

You should remember to keep your font simple and easy to read, and to not use complicated vocabulary. The essential information that should be included on a business card is where the company is located, a contact number, email address, the company name, your name, what the company is, what you specialise in – you might also want to include your social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. It’s up to you to choose which ones are the most important from the list, and to not use all of them.  It’s better to concise. Instant print business cards are provided quickly and cost effectively. After visiting the website at you can upload your design and there is a 24 hour turnaround, and if you’re still unsure you can order a free sample pack to ensure you have made the right choices with your cards. With quick and easy services like this on offer, it’s never been more appealing to design your own business cards and print online.

7 thoughts on “Essential information to be placed on business cards”

  1. A business card is your first piece of marketing.  It should say a lot about you or your company without words.  Most professionals go with plain engraved or lithographed cards. Business cards are a subtle way of advertising or marketing.  Despite all the technology it is still a necesaary business item.  Great information!

  2. I haven’t used them in years either. Apart from a business trade show, if you meet with a person one on one I agree with Tony, it is generally easier to enter the data in your phone. You may lose the card, the phone is less likely!

  3. Your business card must contain all the necessary contact information for your company or brand.It’s also advisable that you use simple and clear text formats so that people won’t find it hard to understand what’s written in there.
    Anyway, instantprint seems really interesting, my favorite is their flyers & leaflets.

  4. You can actually get business cards for free but obviously they’re not going to be of the best quality. Do you think it’s worth ordering these cards or to actually splash out a little?

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