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Home insurance is one of those annual expenses that you know you need to pay, but can feel resentful about doing so because for the most time, you never need to put in a claim and so in a way it feels like money wasted.

But, of course, you’re buying that security that should anything go wrong, you’ll be covered and if you have a mortgage, you’re obliged to have home insurance anyway.

Even if you’ve paid off the mortgage, you’d be foolhardy not to have buildings insurance at the very least for your home – the most valuable asset that most of us own.

Now that we can purchase almost everything online, there’s always a better deal to be had if you’re prepared to search for it and that goes for home insurance as much for anything else. There are many websites that make the job of hunting around for the best deal on house insurance a lot easier.

When you’re coming up to the renewal date on your policy, you simply need to put in your details and the details about your home once on a price comparison site, and the search will bring up a range of different products from a selection of providers.

Then all you need to do is decide which policy best suits your needs. As well as the basics of buildings insurance and contents cover, there are decisions to be made on optional extras you can have on the policy.

For example, you might want to include home emergency cover which is where the insurer will send out a tradesman to deal with a home emergency like a broken boiler or burst pipe within a short time frame and cover the repair costs up to a certain amount. Or you might want to include personal possessions cover. This is to insure portable items that you take out of the house with you. If you don’t have personal possessions cover, you would not be able to make a claim for a lost mobile phone or camera, for example, if it went missing while you were out.

By running a quick search before you get to renewal time, you’ll be able to check you’re still getting the best price for the home insurance cover you need and want. If your current insurer is offering you the same price, then great. If not, you can always switch and make a saving on one of those necessary costs in life.

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  1. I routinely shop my insurance every couple of years. Both my homeowners and automobile insurance was rated number 1 or 2 for customer service and has very low cost too.

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