Awesome infographic on a troubling matter: the global debt crisis

Editors note: A lot of our attention is directed towards our position in relation to money and the economy. For instance, here on The Money Principle we have been writing about personal debt over the last month or so. Doing so, however, we shouldn’t forget that our position in the world has a bit to do with us and a lot to do with the world itself. Hence, I decided to publish this infographic kindly offered to me by Liam Fisher.

With the global debt crisis still going strong and no immediate end in sight, the governments of many nations are searching desperately for a way to deal with their huge deficits. But what is the current state of world debt? In this infographic from, we take a look at which countries are struggling under the largest burdens, and which have been relatively well isolated from the troubled economy.

World Debt
World debt

2 thoughts on “Awesome infographic on a troubling matter: the global debt crisis”

  1. Cool infographic although quality could have been much better. It was hard to read but I’m surprised to see USA is not doing as worse as I thought.

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