And the winner is…

The Randomiser

The Randomiser

Last Wednesday, I promised you that you could

Win £60 in 60 seconds!

Al you had to do is to complete the Barclaycard quiz and tell us what is your tribe.

Here is what happened next.

Sixteen people entered the competition (sorry Krantcents, you didn’t tell us what the result of taking the quiz was).

Their names were written on sixteen pieces of paper.

These pieces of paper were placed in a baseball hat (see picture).

One name was drawn out.

The name on the winning piece of paper is:


The Winner

The Winner

Okay, my handwriting is not very good, I’ll give you that. So again, the name on the winning piece of paper is:


Congratulations, Bridget, and please drop me an e-mail so I could send the codes for Amazon.

2 thoughts on “And the winner is…”

  1. Thank you very much, I’m so happy :))). Apart from a book and a nice cup I have never won anything! You’ve made my day :))).

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