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100 words on minimalism

100 words on minimalism

We live in societies of over consumption and consume to offset the consequences of over consumption.

Don’t believe me? How much did you eat today? Did you go to the gym to work out these extra calories? Did you drive to the gym? Told you so!

This reminded me of my favourite minimalist: Jack Reacher, created by Lee Child. Reacher buys new clothes to change; carries his toothbrush and credit card in his pockets and lives in cheap motels

I want to be like Reacher; but now I am off to the gym to work out my rather generous breakfast.

100 words on strategy

100 words on strategy

We hear a lot about strategy, lately. Everyone I know seems to be ‘strategising’, the organisation I work for has a strategy and most company websites greet you with a strategy. Getting to the core of it, these strategies amount to little more than wish-lists and/or road-maps. These are about what people and organisations want to do and how to measure whether they are getting there.

Strategies worth developing are not simply about what we want to do; they are about what others are doing and our positioning in this. Once we have done that we need a good plan.

100 words on job interviews

100 words on job interviews

Performing at job interviews is what does it. I conducted many interviews and noticed that people make two simple mistakes.

First, they impress the interviewers by obviously talking themselves up. Not impressive: employers are not interested in how great you are; they are interested in how well you could do the job.

Second, most people, given the opportunity, ask about pay. What you need to clarify is why you would wish to work for this employer. Being employed is like being married – it is a two way thing. It is also one of the most important relationships in your life.

100 words on making lists

100 words on making lists

In our drive to become efficient and achieve more we make lists. We keep these separate: we have a list for our grocery shopping; a list for our long, short and medium term goals; a list for our daily tasks. Some keep lists of the movies they have seen and the books they have read. All neatly filed and systematically updated. Our deepest longing has no place on our lists.
Look at the following:

  1. Bread
  2. Milk
  3. Cheese
  4. Beer
  5. A sense of purpose in life

Which is the odd one out?

100 words on high hills and steep slopes

Skiing is most fun sliding fast from the top of a hill without falling. I am no expert skier but I am very keen. When at the top of a hill my head often screams ‘too high and too steep’.

Most skiers realise that there is no hill that is too high or too steep. Getting down in one piece depends on how the hill is traversed; some hills are harder to traverse than others.

No hill is too high or too steep when you know how to traverse it. Nothing in life is impossible if you chunk it down.

100 words on the questions we ask

When deciding on action and considering our future we often ask ‘what’ questions. ‘What shall I do?’; ‘What will happen?’; ‘What does the future hold?’ Asking these questions we may forget that, with very few exceptions, we can do anything, anything could happen and the future is a mystery. Asking ‘what’ is not very helpful.

What we should be asking instead is ‘why’. Deciding why we are to act in particular way specifies the action and makes ‘how’ a mere technicality.

Don’t ask ‘what’ but ask yourself ‘why’! Work out your reasons and motivation, and the action will present itself.