100 words on minimalism

We live in societies of over consumption and consume to offset the consequences of over consumption.

Don’t believe me? How much did you eat today? Did you go to the gym to work out these extra calories? Did you drive to the gym? Told you so!

This reminded me of my favourite minimalist: Jack Reacher, created by Lee Child. Reacher buys new clothes to change; carries his toothbrush and credit card in his pockets and lives in cheap motels

I want to be like Reacher; but now I am off to the gym to work out my rather generous breakfast.

19 thoughts on “100 words on minimalism”

    1. @Jai: Unfortunately governments are withdrawing from this kind of issues. Their mantra is aligning with the one many PF people have: it is your own fault that you are poor, uneducated, hungry etc. Doesn’t make it right; quite the reverse. We have many under privilaged people in the UK as well; and growing disparity of incomes.I sometimes say that we live in sad world where 20% of the population systematically over-consume and 80% starve.

  1. Jack Reacher! great character, but I don’t recall he even carried a credit card. a cash kinda guy, partly to avoid “paper trails”

    The whole buying new clothes to change thing bothers me a bit. cheaper to buy a small case and a change so you can run them thru the laundry while you’re out knocking off bad guys….

    1. @jlcollinsnh: You are absolutely right on Reacher – I just checked. He uses this ‘loan’ offices – apparently (according to one of the books) he could go in and ask for cash to be wired using a phone numebr and a pass word.Not sure about the ‘paper trail though – Jack Reacher himself would have said that we are ‘assuming he gives a f**k who knows where he is’.

    1. @Jon Thodes: Have you read anything by Lee Child? He has a whole series of books with Jack Reacher – great read but you shouldn’t be impressionable. There are descriptions of many ways in whoch people can be killed! Not at the level of contemporary Swedish crime writing but pretty close.

    1. @John: I agree it is a mindset – this is why it is so difficult to switch over. I believe though that gradual move towards is possible. And I woman can dream!

  2. Cil and I both enjoy the Reacher character, though the last couple of books it seems he may be running out of good ideas, kinda formulaic now. Not criticizing, I still enjoy them. I wish I could publish enough novels to seem formulaic…

    And to answer one of the questions above, he does wash his clothes in the sink and hangs ’em up to dry, so he isn’t buying new clothes daily, just when they wear out…

    I’m trying to be more minimalist, but not because of anything noble like trying to save the earth, just to have less stuff to keep up with…

    1. @Dr Dean: I just finished reading The Affair – it was written about a year ago (I think) but is about a case that got Reacher out of the army. Good.

      I want to be a minimalist for entirely selfish reasons – I am fed up with having too much cr*p; we have a large house and it is full of stuff we never use. Mad.

      1. My wife just checked that book out for me at our local library. I just borrowed a little clutter for a week or so, then can take it back…

  3. I’d forgotten Jack Reacher. I read the first few books and I don’t know now why I didn’t read the later ones.

    So that has just messed up my plans for minimalism as I will be adding more books to the collection!

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of Jack Reacher. But it sounds like I’d really relate to his charcter.

    1. @Zero Passive Income: Hi, Jeremy and thanks for stopping by. It is time for you to meet Jack Reacher – he is the kind of guy even women want to be like (not with :)).

  5. I am not a minimalist and don’t know if I will ever embrace it to the extent of your favorite: Jack Reacher. I do learn from some minimalists though, which means there’s still hope for me!

    1. @Roshawn: Hope dies last!And Jack is unique.Btw, you should see us going away to get the full proportion of how no minimalist we are. But I hope…

  6. Very powerful post! I love it. I have made it a rule to never waste food. I clean my plate every time and cherish every bite. I have traveled a lot of places and seen some very hungry people. The imbalance isn’t right.

    We work hard to minimize our life each day. All the changes add up.

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