Sleepless Nights About Money? What Is It That Keeps You Awake?

sleepless nights about money It’s been some time now that I’ve had a proper sleepless night about money. Yes, I still have them but usually about other things.

Also the source of sleeplessness has changed.

When thinking about money, I used to have the kind of night where you drop off into a tensely restless sleep sometime after midnight just to wake up couple of hours later with your tummy in knots of dread.

It is ugly! I would never willingly go there again. Still, I remember the nights after we found out in exactly how deep trouble with debt we were. Having sleepless nights about money didn’t even start to describe how I felt. It was part of it though; for couple of years I woke up after three-four hours sleep, pondering visions of Dickensian levels of poverty and suffering. Flights of imagination are one of my inclinations; during this period they gave me visions of darkness and despair.

Now I have sleepless nights about money of a different kind entirely. It is the kind of night where you drop off to bed exhausted sometime after midnight just to wake up four hours later with the fluttering of excitement and anticipation in your belly.

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Top Money Tips 1 May 2016: Labour Day and Easter Edition

fuck the system1 Okay. I was going to say Happy Easter to all my readers and friends but realised that this will sound really weird.

Yet it is true. Today is the Christian Orthodox Easter.

Thinking about it, celebrating Labour Day on a personal finance blog may appear somewhat weird as well. You know me well enough though to know that I’ve never been keen on capitalism without dignity for all and rampant greed.

Caught up between Easter and Labour Day, I decided to pay homage to both.

Happy Easter, friends, and may this year yield good returns on your investments.

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