Copacabana, Here I come: my South American Adventure


Gosh, sometimes I love my job.

Yes, I remember telling you about the signs it’s time to leave your job and these came from the heart.

Today, I am sitting in a very nice hotel across from Copacabana beach and I’m thinking that it’s not that bad, really.

And because it is Friday, and because I feel lonely, I’ll tell you about my Big South American Adventure.

It all started when two Brazilian visitors to my Institute decided to apply for a grant to the British Council to organise a networking event. Couple of colleagues and I helped and the grant was granted.

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Salary Trends for Edinburgh


The Scottish economy is a choice destination for job seekers from all over the UK and beyond. In particular there is a demand for finance, accounting, banking operations, risk, compliance, technology and administrative professionals.

Most Scottish executives are confident in the British economy and optimistic about business growth and potential. There is a marked experience in skills shortages, particularly in the accounting and finance areas, mainly in budgeting, forecasting, margin analysis and cost efficiency.

The Demand Outweighs the Supply

The challenge that hiring managers and executives face in the Scottish economy can be summed up by a general demand for skills that outweigh the supply of talented individuals. 93% of Scottish CFOs, for instance, are experiencing skills shortages in accounting and finance, according to Robert Half’s regional research.

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