Eat for Less: Skinny Pancakes

skinny pancakes

In Bulgaria we have a saying that ‘a hungry chicken dreams about corn’.

Today I’m as hungry as any hungry chicken: after feeling queasy for nearly two week now and living mainly on very basic dry biscuits I am dreaming about pancakes.

Pancakes with honey and feta cheese! I know this sounds like a strange combination but next time you are eating pancakes don’t keep only to sugar and lemon.

You can do so much with pancakes.

You can have them with:

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Don’t Make Debt a Worry: Try These Business Tips


Don’t look at your bank statements, you think to yourself. If I don’t see my debt then it isn’t there.

These are the final thoughts of a business owner before their company goes down the tubes. Avoidance like this is like watching a tiny snowball grow into a massive snow boulder before it ploughs into a town, destroying a ton of homes in the process.

In its own bleak way, debt will crash into your business – taking all your assets with it.

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