It is My Birthday, So I’ll Tell You a Secret

best investments Yes, it is my birthday today.

It’s been really a mixed bag so far.

Normally, I love my birthdays; always have done. Yesterday though, a tension started building inside. You know, the kind of tension where you feel that something really bad is about to happen but still don’t know what it will be.

Well, last night my son and I did some karate practice. We all went to bed…just to be woken up couple of hour later because our son was feeling (and being) sick. And so all night.

Than John had a very, very big and special present for me – he’s been working on something for a long time now and his plan was to surprise me with the outcome today. But it started as a bit of a dud, really – all because of a missing (-) in a programme.

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Why You Should Go and Read Something When in Financial Trouble

inspiration ‘Oh, Maria has gone so theoretical.’

This is what someone said about my research about a decade ago. I can still here the mild disapproval in their voice.

But what is wrong with being ‘theoretical’, I ask you? You know that theory if very practical, right.

How this works?

Theory is very practical because, want it or not, it frames each and every action you take. People who told you that you act on the basis of facts misled you (and I’m not saying that this is intentional; often people mislead other people because of lack of understanding and ignorance rather than maliciousness).

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