Time Is Love

time is love

Editor’s Note: You know how the saying goes that ‘time is money’. Well, I’ve always have had my doubts about this one. When my new friend Eli approached me and asked whether I’ll be interested in publishing a post about claiming that ‘time is love’ on The Money Principle, I was very excited. This is the post Eli wrote and I hope you enjoy it!

“Hey honey, have you thought anymore about that trip that I’ve been wanting to take?”

“Oh, you know I have a project due for work. I don’t have the time to think about that.”

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How Barak Obama Saved my Life

street car1

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Well, may be just a little bit. Two things are absolutely spot-on, though:

  • Yesterday, in Atlanta, I saw Air Force One (okay, especially for pedants reading my blog, I saw one of the crafts of the Air Force One fleet). I was on an airplane waiting to take off to New Orleans and we were not allowed to move because Barak Obama was taking off.
  • When we were given permission to take off our airplane narrowly avoided crashing.
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