10 Easy Actions to Get My Life and Money Back on Track: stating my intention

life and money

For some time now I’ve been feeling restless. I’ve been feeling restless in the way of a time bomb: I could hear the ticking of the clock but there is no movement. Only the fear of a force I won’t be able to control and contain.

And it is worrying me.

I wake up in the morning and there isn’t fluttering in my belly.

I sit down to write with the prevailing sense of obligation.

I go to work and a blanket of indifference coddles me like fog.

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Information is the Name and Data Security is the Game

data security

‘You must be joking!’

My husband looks back at me, his eyes twinkling with the unspoken ‘I told you so’ message.

He’s just told me that there are ways to recover the data that has been deleted from an iPhone. This was his reply to my suggestion to sell my old iPhone.

So I started digging. It is not that I don’t trust John; still, we’ve had this ‘iPhone is rubbish’ discussion for a long time.

And there is a lot written on how to erase the data off you iPhone.

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