Why You Should Go and Read Something When in Financial Trouble

inspiration ‘Oh, Maria has gone so theoretical.’

This is what someone said about my research about a decade ago. I can still here the mild disapproval in their voice.

But what is wrong with being ‘theoretical’, I ask you? You know that theory if very practical, right.

How this works?

Theory is very practical because, want it or not, it frames each and every action you take. People who told you that you act on the basis of facts misled you (and I’m not saying that this is intentional; often people mislead other people because of lack of understanding and ignorance rather than maliciousness).

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10 Simple Money Saving Tricks

saving2 Whether you’re worried you don’t have enough cash to get through the month, or you’d like a few extra pounds in your pocket, saving money is really quite simple. What follows are 10 tricks to try that can see you making monthly savings and enjoying a better bank balance.

#1 Set up a savings account

What better way to save than to physically save money? Speak with your current account provider to see if they can offer you any perks. Equally, an ISA is a good option as it offers tax breaks.

#2 Sell your old clothes

Rather than simply throwing out your old clothes, you can sell them online. There’s also companies available that can pay you for your old clothes if you’re getting rid in bulk.

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