Eat for less: make beignets so delicious, you could open shop in New Orleans

eat for less

This picture was taken in New Orleans last September when my buddies took me to try the local specialty: beignet.

Yes, we have had rather a lot to drink when I tried them; you see, I had already discovered that New Orleans is a city where it is very difficult to stay sober.

Still, the first bite tasted vaguely familiar.

I took another bite: it did taste of my childhood.

Is it possible?

Yes it is. We make this pastry in Bulgaria (and I’ve asked: Greeks, Turkish people and Albanians know it as well) and call it ‘mekitzi’.

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Lending Money to Friends May Cost you Your Friendship


Lending money to family and friends is always a touchy subject, as you are mixing strong emotions with something that should be rational: spending money.

You are full of good intentions, and want to help a friend in need, but if the person you lend money too is unable to repay you, it may lead to disputes, and even breaking ties with them. A recent research from Scottish Friendly actually shows that 7 million people have lost contact with a friend over a financial dispute.

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