You Need to Know the Best Days of the Week for Trading Forex

traiding Forex As you know, the Forex market is open for 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Since it is a truly global market, it is always business hours. However, you've probably noticed that volatility isn’t always the same. There is greater volatility at specific times of specific days, which are therefore the best days of the week for trading the Forex market. Knowing when to expect volatility will give you a huge advantage in optimizing your trades.

The days of the week

Volatility in the Forex market creeps in slowly from the beginning of the week. From late Sunday to Monday there is a slow development of activity. On Tuesday, activity peaks. Volatility decreases slightly on Wednesday, before increasing to its highest level on Thursday. Friday follows close behind, ending abruptly at 5PM as the market goes dormant for the weekend.

Currency pairs

Since time zones differ widely, different currency pairs will have wide-ranging peak times. The following table from Admiral Markets captures the pip range for major currency pairs:

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