One of My Darkest Money Fears Was…

money fears

…that my son won’t have enough to eat.

It is Saturday, the sun is shining and we’ve just come back from a long, playful walk with Suzi the Dog. Why am I sitting at my desk thinking about money fears?

Couple of days ago I read a post by my friend Ricky (aka SkintDad). It is about debt (more specifically Ricki’s debt) and his plans to see it on its way. Naturally, I’m so much with Ricki on this one – anyone who is licking his/her debt butt is in my good books forever; and can ask me for any support they need.

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Life Insurance and The Silent Killer: How to Do Away with Unpleasant Surprises

life insurance

“It simply can’t be 170 over 120!”

I was staring at the nurse, open mouthed and stricken with the surprise. She had just taken my blood pressure and it was through the roof.

Now, discovering that you have high blood pressure is bad enough.

Discovering you have high blood pressure when you’ve just applied to change your life insurance (and have a very good quote) is enough to raise your blood pressure even further.

But there I was. Forty-seven years old, newly in debt and looking to lower our bills, and devastated to hear that my blood pressure is not simply high: it is in the danger zone.

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