Eat for Less: Easy Authentic Moussaka

eat for less

“You’ll pay for this when I can cook it better?”

You should have seen the look the lady behind the counter awarded me.

I did keep it down after that: what I said was unforgivably rude.

It was also true.

This happened twenty four year ago and I was in a small local restaurant with my friend Alison. She was ordering moussaka.

As good as my word, I invited Alison for dinner and cooked moussaka for her. And you know what? She’s known ever since that I cook one of the best moussakas in the realm.

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Making Money Online: Three Things to Think About


The internet has opened up the world of business. In recent years, its rapid rise and growing prominence has seen hundreds of thousands of new enterprises spring up, with a myriad of new entrepreneurs making their fortunes online.

Yet internet selling can seem deceptively easy. Many think of it as being unregulated, and unfettered by the normal rules of trading. For those with online shops and eBay stores, it’s important to remember that this is not actually the case. The laws of the land still bind you, and it’s important to play by the rules.

However, not all of us are good with the practicalities. It’s all too easy to break the rules without even realising that you’ve done it, or to forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. So, for those who need a little reminder, here are three important things to think about when you make money online…

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