Happy Easter from The Money Principle

Easter eggs

I am culturally Christian Orthodox and practically agnostic.

You know, I belong to the branch of Christianity where people know how to celebrate, have fun, even indulge in the occasional excess and not be racked by guilt afterwards.

I also come from one of the countries in the former Soviet Bloc where religious celebration was discouraged (to say the least).

Still, when my sister said that we haven’t had coloured eggs for Easter, I told her that she may not have had them but I did: after all I was raised by my grandmother.

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Gosh, how the ways we keep our money and pay have changed: from gold coins to listening credit cards

credit cards


On Saturday I went shopping for food. I went around the shop, got what I needed and joined the queue to pay.

It moved fast, much faster than it did couple of years ago. I started paying attention and noticed two technical innovations that sped up paying: the price scanner and the contactless payment technology.

I have contactless on my debit card; I use it and I love it.

This made me think about the ways in which the ways to pay – and keep our money – have changed over the last couple of centuries.

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