Restructuring Net Worth: We Have Sold Our Apartment in Sofia

restructuring net worth “You are doing what? The world economy just became so much more volatile and you are selling your apartment.”

My friend’s face was a picture. We were spending a perfect summer afternoon in Sofia, drinking chilled white wine and catching up when I mentioned that my main mission in Sofia is to arrange the sale of the apartment.

My friend was right about the new infusion of volatility in the world economy. She was also right that in a world where money has left the economy, putting it in ‘brick and mortar’ – or gold, for that matter – makes sense.

We decided to go against the grain and implement our programme for restructuring net worth.

You know that I’m a firm believer in tracking my net worth. This is not enough to make your money work for you; for that you have to know the structure and the ways for restructuring net worth.

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Why You Should Buy a House Now

housejuly Many people will try to put off big decisions or major changes. People are creatures of habit and they don’t typically like to step outside of their comfort zones if they don’t have to. However, when you think about something such as buying a house, then you need to consider why you should look into the possibilities of buying one today. There are tremendous options as well as opportunities, and if you aren’t taking them seriously, then you might be wasting your chances as well as leaving dollars on the table.

All Time Low Rates

If you do your research on websites such as the Market Realist, then you will discover that interest rates aren’t just low, but they are also at an all-time low. This isn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but it is just a thing. However, when you start to look at what it means from the point of view of a homebuyer, you can instantly see how good of an opportunity it truly is. You have to remember that the way banks and other lenders even make their money is that they need to charge interest. That’s how the markets work. But, as long as people are getting record low interest rates, then the banks and lenders won’t like it.

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