Give the Gift of Loving Memory: 8 Valentine’s Gifts Your Partner Would Treasure Forever

Valentine's gifts I never buy ‘things’ for John as Valentine’s gifts.

Well, of course I love him. It is simply that lately I don’t feel compelled to show my love by increasing the clutter in our house.

Thinking about it, I used to buy him stuff. I used to buy designer jumpers (my husband is high maintenance like that), expensive perfume and the latest gadgets.

And you know what?

He doesn’t even remember which jumper I bought him last Christmas; or Valentine’s three years ago. He never used the perfume – he claims the smell keeps him awake and it is a selfish gift anyway. As to the gadgets, these were fun for several hours – or days – and then were left to gather dust in some corner of the house (or John’s office which is truly something to be seen to be believed).

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