10 Survival Money Rules for Freelancers

money rules

‘How many of you think that they’ll finish their degree and get jobs as managers?’

This is the question I asked the fifty undergraduate students taking my class on enabling creativity and managing creative organisations.

Hands go up; about 80% of them.

My heart gives a lurch. Do these kids read anything more serious than gossip magazines?

‘Everyone who put their hand up’ – I say – ‘forget it! It’s not likely to happen.’

My students were in a mild shock.

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Follow These Ten Golden Rules and Trade Like an Expert

Gaspar D'Orey

Editor’s note: Many regular readers of The Money Principle have probably noticed that lately I’ve been writing much more about earning money, making money and investing than about paying off debt and money management. This is not because I’ve forgotten about all my readers who are paying off debt; quite the opposite, I’m preparing a big surprise for you. I’ve been writing about making money and investing because this is what I’m working out.

‘Why is she bothering?’ – you may think. ‘She just needs to read some of the great books written on investing and go regularly to some of the investing websites.

Well, my dear reader, to this I’d say that I’m working it out because things have been changing, I believe. I won’t go into detail but some of one of the changes is that there are many self-investing platforms to choose from. Hence, two things have become important: to be able to select the one(s) that suit you and to be able to refocus your knowledge.

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