Managing Your Properties Can be Easy as APP: Mobile App for Landlords

mobile app for landlords

We are human because we have dreams.

Many people dream about building up sufficient investments and passive income to be able to leave their jobs and ‘live happily ever after’. Others want simply to be able to retire.

We are human because we chase our dreams.

People chase their dream of financial independence in many ways; one is by building real estate portfolios and creating considerable rental income.

We are not following this route. We believe that for us:

a)      it is a bit too late to start,

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Eat for less: Noodles for Foodies

eat for less

I am sitting in the kitchen of a good friend of mine. She is originally from the Caribbean (so you know, her seasoning is always right) and has lived in Sweden for decades.

We write together. When we don’t write together, we cook together, or we eat together.

The table was laid with tapas style food. There were little meatballs (of course my friend modified all known recipes for meatballs), salad, olives and noodles.

Now, my friend is really high maintenance in all aspects of her life. Just to give you a flavour, she ordered a hand-painted silk dress from an artist in Ireland; she saw the dress in the ‘spend it’ section of the Financial Times.

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