Fifteen dangerous occupations and why it matters to you

dangerous occupations

Did I tell you about the time when I almost knocked myself out?

I didn’t think so. It is rather embarrassing and very ‘professorial’: I am such a cliché.

Several years back I was invited to a research workshop in Granada. Of course I accepted: Granada is one of my favourite Spanish cities and a private viewing of the Alhambra was part of the deal.

The venue for the workshop was splendid: it was in one of the typical for Granada houses with internal yard and open spaces connecting the different wings of the house. In this case what used to be an open balcony was closed with glass ‘walls’ and used as a library.

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6 Money seeds to bring you prosperity in later life

money seeds

‘Have you heard about a guy called PewDiePie?’ – I asked my son.

‘Yeah’ – he said. ‘He is a gamer on YouTube but I don’t watch him.’

‘Do you know he made $7 million last year?’

‘Wow, really? Mum, you should really let me play more computer games.’

My son and I still don’t see eye to eye about this whole ‘I’ll play Call of Duty from morning till dusk’ thing.

That I knew about PewDiePie made me his ‘swag mum’ again and we got talking.

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