Top Money Tips 5 July 2015: The Bright Side of Not Having Much Money

top money tips

Hi, friend; hope you weekend is going well. If the weather is nice where you are and you are still in the midst of celebrating Independence Day, please don’t stop – we in the UK don’t celebrate (for obvious reasons).

If, on the other hand, you want to have a look at some really top money tips articles that you may have missed, keep reading.

But first, I’d like to give you some snippets of what’s been happening with me.

First the great news.

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Loans and credit: how do you know you’ve got the best deal?

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Almost everyone at some point of their life requires a loan or some type of credit to get the stuff they need or want. Like anything you want in life, you want to ensure you’re getting the best deal and the same applies to finance and getting credit.

Getting a loan is a big commitment, you’ll be paying it back for years to come therefore it is essential you’ve got the right type of loan and are paying as little interest on that loan as possible.

We’ve put together some simple tips from the loan experts at Lending Expert on how you can access the cheap deals, and what you need to be doing to ensure you’re eligible for the best headline rates.

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