What It Takes to Build a House and Why You Should Consider It

build a house Did you know that in Germany to build a house is still considered a passage into manhood?

Of course, this is not the reason why John and I are thinking of building a house in the mountains of Bulgaria. We’ll build a house because of the flexibility for including custom features that this affords. Otherwise, it may be much easier to buy a house – there are many empty houses in Bulgaria, unfortunately – remodel it and be done with it.

The situation in the UK is entirely different. If Bulgaria has a lot of houses and not enough people, the UK has a large population and not enough houses. The National Housing Federation has estimated that at the moment there is a shortfall of about half a million dwellings.

This deficit is in the basis of the rising housing prices to prohibitive levels. To make a hard situation even more critical, construction levels have been falling over the last three decades.

In brief, at this very moment there is a whole generation who can’t even dream of buying a house and getting on the property ladder. This is a fact that Brexit is unlikely to solve (I know; I usually refrain from statements of political preference but this one could not be helped).

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How to save up to £60 every month by making easy changes to avoid food waste

avoid food waste Editor’s note: Today we have a guest post from Zoe Morrison: an eco-friendly money saving blogger who writes at www.ecothriftyliving.com. Zoe writes about living a life style that is affordable, even thrifty, and is not damaging to the environment. We found a shared interest in finding ways to avoid food waste so I asked her to share some of her ideas – and experience - on the topic. Oh, and if you’ve recently heard that Zoe doesn’t use toilet paper, I have it on good authority that this is not true. Hope you enjoy Zoe’s post and take on some of her ideas.

Food waste is a massive problem in this country.  UK households are responsible for a whopping 50% of the food that gets thrown away and it is costing the average family around £60 a month (according to lovefoodhatewaste.com).

We also know that the use of food banks in the UK is rapidly increasing. To top it all, food gives off methane in landfill – a greenhouse gas; and contributes to global warming and the destruction of our planet.

Food waste just makes no sense at all. It hits your pocket and the environment.

To avoid food waste, all you need to do is make two easy and straight forward changes! Honestly it’s easy, it takes hardly any time and when you feel demotivated you can just think about what you could do with £60 extra every month!

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