Nine points about money you won’t hear from your financial adviser…

decisions about money

…and you really need to know if you want to win the Game of Wealth.

Financial advisers can be very useful: we had one and he was very helpful when we were trying to decide what to do with a small private pension fund pot.

We thought that the best thing to do with it is to take it out and pay off some debt; yeah, this was about four years back when we still had close to £65,000 worth of debt.

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Eat for less: Crème Caramel

eat for less

I’m at my desk.

Why am I telling you this? Because we’ve been having a bit of a summer here in Manchester and most people are outside.

We are not only having a snippet of summer; we have also heard a lot about the dangerous heatwave which will begin sometime tomorrow morning (Saturday) and will be finished by tomorrow evening (Saturday).

This is why we talk so much about the weather: we have rain showers, Sunny spells and heatwaves that last several hours.

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