Become a Savvy Shopper With the Buying Guide Calendar

“Yes, I’m a very savvy shopper” – my running partner said. “I always buy my winter running gear in spring.”

At the time, I thought that this is cumbersome and even slightly petty. How much can you save by doing this and you’d always end up with last season’s look.

Thinking back it makes good sense. We all know that some things a cheaper at certain time of the year and if we manage to take advantage of that we could save some serious £££s.

Still, if I were to ask you what is cheaper and when, would you be able to tell me?

I thought so. I won’t be able to either.

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Top Money Tips 24 July 2016: Master Money Management to Achieve Financial Health

achieve financial health You have to achieve financial health to become wealthy. And I mean wealthy not for today but for the rest of your life.

If the latest events (here I mean Brexit but I promised I’ll not talk about it again so had to find a way to get around my promise) teach us one lesson, it will be about the important of mastering money management.

You see, I had a money master plan. We knew where we’d like to retire, we knew what we’d like to do in retirement, we’d figured out how to do it and we’d calculated how much money we’ll need for that.

I had a date for retirement.

Then, an otherwise reasonable and practical nation, was called to ‘speak up or shut up’. This nation spoke and the message it sent around the world completely demolished my plans.

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