Top Money Tips 14 September 14: about making money and creativity

top money tips


Before I introduce the selection of five top money tips articles for this week, I’d take the opportunity to tell you what’s happening around here.

First, I’ve been travelling again. Monday and Tuesday I spent in London giving a lecture to a group of research fellows on a project supported by the European Union. I talked about the changes that British universities are undergoing, the ways in which this transform their governance and affect creativity and research imagination

I had great time and was grateful for the opportunity to talk to a group of great people about something I’m passionately interested in.

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Eat for less: Transform Cheap Vegetables into Many Healthy Meals

eat for less

As I said, readers have been asking to know more about what we do and how we organise our family life and finances.

So tonight I’ll tell you about what we did last weekend.

I wasn’t travelling and John wasn’t travelling.

We were organised and on Saturday morning, over a cup of Colombian home-made espresso, we made the menu for the coming week.

Then we made the shopping list.

And as I’ve been telling you to do, we went food shopping armed with a shopping list for what we intend to cook and with a calculator.

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