Clean Up Your Energy Act: Save on Energy by Using the ERR Strategy

save on energy

Do you watch your energy bills creeping up?

It feels really rotten doesn’t it?

I know. I’ve watched our energy bills go up and down, as the weight of an erratic dieter, for many year now. Not to mention the energy saga of our sons who have a prepayment meter, which means that during winter their energy costs are pretty much astronomical; and it is not like they are warm and toasty in their little rented house.

And do you know the part I find even more frustrating than the escalating bills?

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The Financial Benefits of Living Longer

older people

The UK is getting older… at least according to official statistics.

The Office for National Statistics has reported that by 2037, the number of people aged over 80 years old in the UK is set to double. That’s around 6million over-80s: almost 10% of the predicted population of 68 million.

To counter this, the state pension age is also rising, with the government now opting to review the age at which you can officially receive the state pension every 5 years. While it’s currently on track to hit 68 years of age, eventually it could hit 70 for those born after 1981, 71 for those born after ’88 and 72 for those born later than 1995.

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Common Credit Score Myths

credit myths There are a surprising number of myths surrounding the things that affect your credit score. Understanding the truth can help you to improve your current rating, prevent problems occurring or simply allow you to maintain the good score you…

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