How to Have a Splendid Christmas Without the Misery of Paying off Debt for a Year

Christmas cheer


Are you ready for Christmas yet?

This is ridiculous, I know. But this year, I'm getting in there with my Christmas post early - so you don't have to sell yourself into slavery to have some seasonal fun.

Also, there have been mince pies in the local supermarket for a month now, chocolate Santa -s for couple of weeks and I semi-expect to see Christmas trees being sold before the week is over.

Christmas has become kind of a big deal.

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Eat for Less: Skinny Pancakes

skinny pancakes

In Bulgaria we have a saying that ‘a hungry chicken dreams about corn’.

Today I’m as hungry as any hungry chicken: after feeling queasy for nearly two week now and living mainly on very basic dry biscuits I am dreaming about pancakes.

Pancakes with honey and feta cheese! I know this sounds like a strange combination but next time you are eating pancakes don’t keep only to sugar and lemon.

You can do so much with pancakes.

You can have them with:

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