Eat for Less: Fantastic Fanta Cake

fanta cake

Today I’m not as hungry as last week when I published my sister’s recipe for skinny pancakes.

Thank goodness, I’ve been getting better. I don’t feel nauseous all the time (though it still happens from time to time) and I don’t have to sleep sitting up in bed. I still get tired very easily and people tell me that to recover from flu takes a very long time.

And this is where my sister come in.

Now that she lives thirty minutes’ drive away from us, she’s come to look after me. She is actually looking after us because she’s helping cook, organise the house a bit and prepare for the grand birthdays celebration on Sunday: we’ll have family around to celebrate my birthday (passed), John’s birthday (tomorrow) and Suzi the Dog’s birthday (on October 31 she will be one year old).

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Cut a Deal: Money Saving Tips for your Phone and Broadband


Keeping up with the latest technology and upgrades without getting stung by a big bill at the end of the month isn't always plain sailing. With a little research there are a few options to reign in the spending without compromising on the service. Here's a few money saving tips to keep in mind when choosing your next broadband and phone deal.

If you've already got broadband set up in your home, call your existing provider before you jump ship to see what they can offer. Compare your current plan to the different structures that they have on offer to see whether you have the right deal. If you've been a loyal customer and also use a lot of their different services such as their broadband, travel insurance and mobile then use this to leverage a better deal for yourself. If your provider isn't taking you seriously ask for your MAC code. This is the code you need when changing provider: requesting it often sends customer service reps into panic mode! If you don’t get the response you’re looking for, it's time to look out for other options.

One alternative is to research different service providers and their broadband and phone deals on a comparison website. It’s easier than ever now. You should check a few different sites before you make your choice. Take the time, too, to call or email your preferred provider with a note of your current service and the best potential option you've seen. This can result in special offers and discounts to clinch a new customer.

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