A Review of Spending: The Frugal Bug is Infectious

review of spending

This week I’ve done a review of spending and it’s left me feeling good.

As part of a generation that often have troubles maintaining regular work and struggle to make ends meet, it’s unfortunately common to find myself feeling down in the dumps some days. In fact I constantly worry about the money I do spend, even if it’s on food items that aren’t a necessity but a little treat.

There are several ways in which any of us can get wayward in the search for a sensible lifestyle. These can range from paying lease for an expensive second car that isn’t used much, to buying crisps when you can simply make homemade bread for a snack during the day. I still occasionally buy the fat-based crisps, but it’s becoming a rarity.

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Happy Easter from The Money Principle

Easter eggs

I am culturally Christian Orthodox and practically agnostic.

You know, I belong to the branch of Christianity where people know how to celebrate, have fun, even indulge in the occasional excess and not be racked by guilt afterwards.

I also come from one of the countries in the former Soviet Bloc where religious celebration was discouraged (to say the least).

Still, when my sister said that we haven’t had coloured eggs for Easter, I told her that she may not have had them but I did: after all I was raised by my grandmother.

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