Ask the Expert: Mortgages For Self-employed

mortgages for self-employed

Editor’s note:

You have already noticed that the ranks of the self-employed are swelling rapidly. We can debate whether this is the new revolution and whether it liberates the workers of the 21st century or not.

Still, moving towards a mass self-employment demands a complete change in which people, landers and society organise their resources (here, I mean money mostly). One area where self-employment could have serious implications if borrowing to buy a house. There are landers that have started to offer mortgages for self-employed people but the jury is still out as to accessibility and rules.

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Top Money Tips 24 May 2015: About Health and Letters

top money tips

My heart has gone out of it and it’s not coming back.

You know what I mean? My heart, I thought, went out of almost everything to do with my job, my blogging and my writing.

Don’t tell me you’ve not noticed because I know you did.

I still wrote, I still published but reading back, it’s clear that my heart wasn’t in it.

The only thing that touched my heart was a niggling concern about John and our youngest son when (if) something happened to me. So I double checked my insurance.

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