How Barak Obama Saved my Life

street car1

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Well, may be just a little bit. Two things are absolutely spot-on, though:

  • Yesterday, in Atlanta, I saw Air Force One (okay, especially for pedants reading my blog, I saw one of the crafts of the Air Force One fleet). I was on an airplane waiting to take off to New Orleans and we were not allowed to move because Barak Obama was taking off.
  • When we were given permission to take off our airplane narrowly avoided crashing.
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Top Money Tips 14 September 14: about making money and creativity

top money tips


Before I introduce the selection of five top money tips articles for this week, I’d take the opportunity to tell you what’s happening around here.

First, I’ve been travelling again. Monday and Tuesday I spent in London giving a lecture to a group of research fellows on a project supported by the European Union. I talked about the changes that British universities are undergoing, the ways in which this transform their governance and affect creativity and research imagination

I had great time and was grateful for the opportunity to talk to a group of great people about something I’m passionately interested in.

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