Give the Gift of Loving Memory: 8 Valentine’s Gifts Your Partner Would Treasure Forever

Valentine's gifts I never buy ‘things’ for John as Valentine’s gifts.

Well, of course I love him. It is simply that lately I don’t feel compelled to show my love by increasing the clutter in our house.

Thinking about it, I used to buy him stuff. I used to buy designer jumpers (my husband is high maintenance like that), expensive perfume and the latest gadgets.

And you know what?

He doesn’t even remember which jumper I bought him last Christmas; or Valentine’s three years ago. He never used the perfume – he claims the smell keeps him awake and it is a selfish gift anyway. As to the gadgets, these were fun for several hours – or days – and then were left to gather dust in some corner of the house (or John’s office which is truly something to be seen to be believed).

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How to maximise the value of credit card rewards

Start Credit card rewards points are increasingly popular and can be a great benefit of using credit cards, so long as you are aware of how your cards rewards system is set up. Armed with knowledge, it's possible to exploit these programs and, ideally, build yourself an excellent credit rating at the same time. This can help in other aspect of your life, like being more easily approved for a mortgage.

Read on for some basic strategies you can use to take advantage of credit card rewards without getting caught up in credit card debt.

Maximize your Rewards

Many rewards programs offer cash back or extra points for certain purchases: fuel or groceries, travel or just shopping at a particular store. By having multiple credit cards, you can take advantage of many rewards programs and gain more cash back or points. Be aware, this strategy is suitable for someone who is organized and can afford to, or will remember, to pay off the balance at the end of each month. Having many credit cards open can improve your credit score, but only if you keep all of the accounts in good standing and do not make late payments.

Pay Off Your Balance

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