Top Money Tips 28 September 2014: Money is for Life, Life is not for Money

top money tips

How much does it cost to go to FinCon14?

Quite a lot.

Would I regret it?


I went, I saw, I had fun.

Hanging out with a bunch of personal finance nerds is so much fun. I couldn't stop admiring the inventiveness and ingenuity of these people.

They could hack any expense. One example was their inventive way to park for free: this involved about ten minutes of gambling but hey, some of my friends even managed to win. So, they made money by parking for free. Go figure.

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Money management: use the ERR strategy to make your money go further

money management

Your money never goes far enough, uh?

This sucks.

I still remember the time when a month was almost by eternity longer than our monthly income.

This is when we got in debt. I didn’t look at my payslips, I didn’t look at my bank balance and I didn’t care what things cost.

Irresponsible, you think? Dumb?

May be. But most of all it was fear.

When I finally looked, we were in so much debt that fear was irrelevant: I either had to do something about it or we were going to the bankruptcy court.

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Time Is Love

time is love Editor’s Note: You know how the saying goes that ‘time is money’. Well, I’ve always have had my doubts about this one. When my new friend Eli approached me and asked whether I’ll be interested in publishing a post…

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