Money for Memories: How Did It Work?

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It is almost the end of our holiday on Skiathos: we have only two days left before we get on a flight back home

This year I’m saying this without the regret of missed opportunities. We set out to experience the island and we did so.

Let me show you.

(Yes, this post is unusual because there are more pictures than words.)

Explore at least eight beaches

We are not going to make it to eight. To date, we’ve enjoyed five beaches (we had to visit two of them twice). We’ve been to:

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The Little Ways that Money Can Slip Out of Your Bank Account


Personal Finance is all about looking at your income and expenditures with a microscope. That’s the essence of budgeting. If you’ve never tried it, it’s likely because this is not a process that most people enjoy. If you’re doing it as a part of a partnership, this is often a source of fights and arguments between members of a couple. That’s because, suddenly, it becomes clear that one member of the partnership is not pulling his or her weight. Someone is spending more on extra expenses, and not saving as much as they thought. It can be stressful, but it’s worth taking a deep long look.

Because you can regain control. Not all of the financial realities that you’re going to want to get in control of are the fault of you or anyone else in your household with spending power. No, sometimes expenses get taken out from odd sources, and it’s important to take some time, once in awhile, to see what money is getting drafted from where. Here’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

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