Degrees of Financial Independence: where do you stand?

financial independence

While suffering with a stinking cold, I decided to read a book.

I’ve had this book on my Kindle for couple of months now. Between the daily hassle of working and the nightly hustle of blogging there wasn’t any time to read it.

What is the book, you wonder?

I’ve been reading ‘Money Master the Game: 7 simple steps to financial freedom’ by Tony Robbins.

Tonight, I’m not going to review the book though I may do it at some point. It is well worth reading despite the many pages of padding that I had to skip. (What I consider padding may be very useful to someone who has never read anything about personal finance before.)

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How to find the best ISA for you

best isa

The best ISA for you depends on a number of factors such as how much you have to invest, how much access you'd like to your money and the level of risk you're willing to take in order to get the best returns.

An investment management company such as Nutmeg, can help you set up a stocks and shares ISA in under 10 minutes and you can create as many funds as you like within your ISA. Here, we explain some of the different types of ISAs available, to help you make up your mind, as to which may be right for you.

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