Pips are Not Only Fruit: An Introduction to FX Trading

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Editor’s note: We’ve been researching FX trading – and its cousins spread betting and contact for difference (CFD) for a good while now. John has been dabbling, with some success, as well. Still, FX trading is a ‘high entry’ endeavour: it’s specialised, demands varied knowledge, needs level headedness, understanding of technology and nerves of steel. FX trading is also a ‘high entry’ endeavour because there are risks involved; and while this may not be higher than the ones involved in other kinds of investing, they are certainly not as easy to grasp and/or control. This is why, we decided to write a guide to FX trading; this is the first in a series of posts.

‘Do you know how many pips have I made today?’

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Hiring a Solicitor: Do You Really Need One?

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When people need legal help, they often balk at the thought of hiring a solicitor. They assume that it’s too expensive. To save a few pounds, they try to handle their own legal problems.

In very simple dealings, online legal services or DIY representation doesn’t hurt. In cases of any complexity, not hiring a solicitor could be disastrous for you and your assets. For some solicitors, you won’t have to pay until you receive compensation. Even if you do have to provide an upfront retainer, you’ll keep more money over the long term.

When Self-Representation Can Work

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