Why Cinderella Doesn’t Need Insurance?


Most people are pre-occupied with getting ready for Christmas.

I’m finished with these preparations.

So, I’m sitting here making an inventory of our insurance arrangements. Yep, I was right: our car insurance and our house insurance need to be renewed in January.

And I really hope that you are already convinced that when it comes to insurance loyalty is very over-rated. You know we found this one the hard way several years back.

Since then we shop for house insurance and car insurance every year. Have to remind John to start looking!

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Annual Review 2014: fitness and abundance

annual review

It is this time of year again! Time for reflection and complete honesty. Time for my annual review.

This is the fourth year I do Chris Guillebeau’s annual review.

It works for me. Probably because I think goal setting gives us tunnel vision: we get so focussed on what we want to achieve that we don’t even notice other opportunities that can be much more rewarding.

Let me remind you how this works.

The review consists of two parts:

  • Forward look that involves setting your words for the year. In a post after Christmas I’ll share my words for next year.
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